What Do Women Find Attractive In A Man?

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Numerous psychological studies have determined that the initial spark in attraction is caused exclusively by a person’s physical appearance. If you don’t meet a minimum criteria of attractiveness that is subconsciously determined by the other person, they will never consider you sexually.

So asides from a guy’s physical appearance what other factors come into play that makes a man sexually appealing to women? Well a number of studies find the following:


Confidence is the single biggest aphrodisiac to women; women are drawn to it like magnets.


Two people in a healthy relationship will converse......they will talk A LOT!  If you don’t come across as interesting to the girl she won’t be interested in building a relationship with you because you won’t have anything to talk about. A well rounded man has the ability to converse with women about a host of different topics, but at the same time he is a good listener.


Women are deeply attracted to smells and that is why it is important to be well groomed at all times. A well groomed man with a pleasant smelling cologne will get multiple double takes throughout the span of his day. Cologne should be applied sparingly so as not to overburden those around you. It is recommended to dab some on your wrists, and behind the ears.

Musical Rhythm

Ask any woman, they love a man with a varied taste in music. Most women also associate a man who is extremely proficient on the dance floor as being extremely proficient in the bedroom as well.

Fashion Sense

Women love men that have impeccable fashion sense because it indicates confidence.The Beta male will not have the confidence necessary to stand apart from the crowd.

Penis Size

This is debatable because although some women admit to fantasizing about it, the vast majority admit that they prefer an average sized penis. However, when given a choice most will tell you that they prefer width to length. Studies across different cultures have found the same results.

One of the most important factors in taking control of your life is taking control of your image. If you dress well you will build and regain confidence. For excellent tips on this topic visit the Metropolitan.


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