Product Focus: DOVO Solingen Straight Razors

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DOVO Solingen has been manufacturing straight razors since 1906 in the German city of Solingen. Once the primary method of manual shaving, most men now turn to disposable razors or those with disposable blades such as the "Mach" series produced by Gillette. A straight razor such as the ones manufactured by DOVO will give you a far closer shave than a disposable because they do not simply cut the hair like a disposable, rather they lift the hair out of the pore with each stroke of the blade. DOVO is renowned  for using the finest steel in their products, and this comes from a unique heritage in producing exceptional razors that will give you many years of service. The DOVO "Bismarck" is one model of note because it is forged from High Carbon Steel that is first tempered with fire, and then with ice to create an exceptionally sharp blade. The spine and shank of the blade is then plated with 24k gold to add a touch of distinction. The company name is then emblazoned with Mother of Pearl.


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