Get In Shape This Winter!

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Winter is the best time to reshape your physique, but unless you plan ahead you won’t have much physical change come springtime. Here are some pointers on how to get in shape during the winter.


Prior to starting any intense fitness program you should take three days off before diving in, and this means don’t partake in any strenuous cardiovascular activity for a total of three days before you start your routine. Some light cardio is acceptable to get your body used to the vigorous exercise that is soon to follow. While on your three day hiatus you should do some research into the caloric content of the food that you consume on a regular basis, and this will give you a greater understanding of your current diet routine. If your body has not been gaining any weight then you will now understand how many calories you care currently burning every day, and based on this figure you can decide if you need to consume more or less calories depending on your desired result. As a rule of thumb your body will require on a daily basis 15 calories per pound of body mass in order to maintain your current weight.

Since your goal is to bulk up and add more muscle mass you are going to add approximately 250-500 more calories than you currently consume in order to promote muscle growth, consuming protein throughout the day, and carbohydrates just after a workout.

First Week
After your three day hiatus you want to commence weight-lifting exercises and in your first week you want to workout for at least three days focusing on bench press, squat, deadlifts, rows and shoulder presses. It is essential to allow a day of rest between workouts in order to promote proper muscle development. For each exercise you should aim for three sets with 8-10reps with a moderate to heavy weight. Proper technique and follow through is important to ensure growth.

Second Week and Beyond
After the first week you will want to lower the reps to about 5-8 but start to increase the weights, and this step is what is going to initiate muscle regeneration. Every week you will try to increase the weights a little more, logging your progress in a journal in order to maintain motivation.


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