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When you are around your guy friends do you act all fake? Do you put on an artificial persona? Why not?.........because then you wouldn’t be friends with them for much longer, so why do you act fake and artificial around girls! Just like when talking to or hanging around with guys you have to be yourself when talking to girls. You have to be the “genuine article” if you want to be appreciated by women. The use of compliments is integral when practicing the art of flirting, and from a psychological standpoint people compliment each other in order to show appreciation, or to gain trust. Superficially a compliment serves to make someone smile and elevate their ego, thereby letting you into their world so that you may learn more about them. When giving a compliment it is important to be sincere and genuine, because most women can smell a fraudster from a mile away. Here are some examples of compliments that you can give your wife/girlfriend/mistress/prospective date, etc.

“I could talk to you all night long.”

Any male that is skilled with women realizes the importance that women  place on communication so a compliment such as this serves the dual function of  both exciting and flattering her at the same time. Of course, it is important to realize that you can’t introduce yourself to somebody and then drop this compliment directly after saying your name! It should be used after building some rapport with the woman.

“I like how you think” or “I like how your mind works.”

Most women are now used to “you’re smart” and have come to believe that it’s just a standby compliment dropped to mask hidden intentions... This sets you apart and demonstrates that you are a good listener! A compliment such as this flips the script and makes it appear as if she was trying to impress you, and not the other way around.

“Out of all of your friends, you are the most attractive!”

This is by far the most flattering compliment that you can give a woman because women always compare themselves to each other, and saying something like this does wonders for her ego.

So remember, the key to complimenting women is to remember to always be honest! Say something genuine that will make her smile and elevate her ego, thereby giving her a chance to open up to you.

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