How I Got My Start Designing Clothes

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Since the tender age of ten I understood the power of appearance. I realized that if you wore nice clothes, people are more likely to give you what you want because you leave a good impression on them. Later in life while studying courses about sexual attraction to complete my degree in psychology I learned that my childhood beliefs were in fact true! First impressions are lasting, so it is always a good idea to put your best foot forward. I have always been fashion conscious and that is why I would get certain pieces in my closet such as my suits altered by a professional tailor. My tailor is great, he can take any suit off the rack and modify it so that it fits me like a glove. The only problem is that my tailor lives in another country so I only get to see him about once a year. Not the most ideal of arrangements.
A very intimate female friend of mine let me in on her secret for looking so dapper all the time, she makes her own clothes, or alters garments that she purchases at the store. Wow! I thought when I first heard this. Think of the potential of creating something that nobody has, it would be more exclusive than the latest Louis Vuitton or Gucci collection, assuming you are good of course. When I was a small child my mother would make clothes for me on her sewing machine, so I decided to go into my closet and pull out an old pea coat. I drew up a design and gave it to her. I watched her all day as she patiently recreated an exact replica of my design! Unfortunately this was to be a one off experience because I was not planning to give my mother my entire wardrobe to redo. I decided to take one of my favourite leather jackets to a local tailor who does alterations. He told me that he had 45years of experience, that’s more than my regular tailor I thought to myself as I gave him my design and my precious jacket. A week and $56 later when I picked up my leather jacket I was horrified at what he had done. He had butchered the jacket and it only remotely resembled what I had asked him to do for me. He had also daftly cut and threw away a lot of leather so it was impossible to go back to the original design. I then vowed, never again!
The next day I went to my local fabric shop and stocked up on some supplies. Big metal buttons, red piping, red string, gold string, etc. and then I into my closet yet again, and this time pulled out a drab black topcoat. I pulled out my mom’s sewing machine and did the unthinkable. I began to sew! I watched my mother work her magic on my pea coat previously, and asked questions along the way, so I knew exactly what I wanted to do to my overcoat and I knew how to do it. Slowly but surely I started to see the image in my head manifest into something beautiful and tangible in front of my very eyes. I stayed up until 3am, and then decided to crash for the night. In a few short hours I single handily altered half a coat. I plan to finish the one side before starting the other. I am not even close to finishing because I plan to make the collar larger and add leather detailing, but this is what I accomplished in 10 hours of labour. Upon completion of this project I will make an entire coat from scratch. Not another alteration job. The take home lesson from my topcoat experiment gentlemen, when somebody hands you a lemon in life don’t just sit there and cry about it. Learn something new from it!



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