What She Really Wants

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There are many myths perpetuating about both sexes but here are some falsehoods that you may have heard about the desires of women.

[First Myth]    She Wants You To Be Emotional
Lately the media has been bombarding men with the message that he should wax his chest, get manicures and that a real man should open up and discuss his feelings, and not keep it bottled up inside. The dawn of the so called “metrosexual man” is to blame for perpetuating this myth, however, while it is true that a woman wants to be able to discuss your feelings with her....she does not want you to blow up the dam and just gush her with all of your baggage. Man up boys.

[Second Myth]   Women Want A Dominating Man
While it is true that women want a man that stands up for himself and her, she does not want to be controlled by a possessive man who dictates what she does all the time. You are her partner, not her father.

[Third Myth]    Women Want To Talk
Research indicates that the average woman uses 20 000 words a day, and her male counterpart only uses 7000, but that doesn’t mean she wants to stay up all night with you talking about your newest video game. What a woman really wants is a good listener. A good listener is able to provide feedback to what she has to say.

[Fourth Myth]    She Wants You To Have Zero Female Friends
Unless she is the extremely jealous and possessive type your woman is going to want you to be able to interact with both men and women. If she takes you to a party she wants you to be able to hold your own and have a good time. She doesn’t want to have to baby you and hold your hand all the time. Let’s face it you will meet both men and women at work, school, etc. so it is important to be able to socialize with both sexes. Just don’t cheat on her.

[Fifth Myth]   She Wants To Be The Centre Of Your Life
While it is true that she wants to be your pride and joy, that does not mean that she wants to be your only obsession in life. She wants you to be passionate about other things in life as well. Get a hobby, get fit, do something...get a life. Don’t shower her with attention 24/7. Pursue other activities so that you have something to talk to her about. She will love you more for it.

[Sixth Myth]    She Wants To Be Treated As An Equal
What she really wants is for you to be able to understand her needs. Give her what she needs, and not what she wants gentlemen. After all you are the man, so be chivalrous and strong for her. In the words of Russell Peters “Be a man, do the right thing”.

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Alpha Male said...

Ron thank you for commenting and the link referral. This information shall prove to be useful because I plan to explore this topic further in future articles here on the Alpha Male.

Adnan said...

Nice post, some good insight. Her five best friends is quite true!

I didn't know my blog was still on here. I started one a while back, but I forgot about it completely! Thanks to you're link, my profile is back up and running.

What's next?

Alpha Male said...

Adnan thank you for commenting, and I am happy to hear that this information was of good use to you. If you get the chance please forward me your blog's link as I would like to check it out. It is my intention to make this blog entirely user focused, thereby writing articles that are of most interest to readers of the Alpha Male. Currently the blog is geared towards providing fashion and relationship tips from a male perspective because at present the straight male angle on these topics is lacking by in large in mainstream media outlets.

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Alpha Male said...

Ron I have just read your piece on Squidoo and I must say it is very well thought out and written quite succinctly, thanks again for the link!

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