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The word “jeans” originates from the French phrase bleu de Gênes which translates to “blue of Genoa” because the material hails from the town of Genoa. The fabric used to manufacture jeans was also historically produced in the French town of Nimes and that is why jeans are sometimes also called “denim”. As an interesting side note, dungarees (known as overalls in North America)  which are also made of denim were originally worn by sailors hailing from the Indian town of Dhunga, hence the nomenclature. As you can clearly see the iconic blue jeans has enjoyed a  truly universal international appeal as a fashion staple, but then why do so many men get it all wrong?  In this article we are going to a take a closer look at jeans, and teach you how to select the perfect pair.

 Shopping For Jeans

Writing a style guide about shopping for jeans  is no easy feat because they come in a plethora of  cuts and a multitude of colours which come in and out of fashion depending on the prevailing trends. The three classics colours that are here to stay are:

Original Blue/Raw
The original jeans were only available in these colour and hailed from the town of Chieri in Renaissance Italy. These pants were sold to sailors whose port of call was Genoa. The Genoese Navy of the time also issued  pants of this type to their sailors because of their unique property of being extremely durable when either wet or dry. Members of the navy would wear these rugged pants while swabbing the decks of ships. It is estimated that presently 20 million tons of indigo dye annually (almost exclusively cultivated in modern day India's Bengal region) are used to colour jeans blue. In modern times the Original Blue Jean is the most adaptable of the three classics as it can be paired with almost any type of clothing.

Faded Blue 
Slightly more casual than the Original Blue Jean this colour is sometimes paired with blazers to take the formality up a notch. But it is recommended to stick to Original Blue for the more formal affairs.

Faded till the blue turns to a more rust like colour  similar to leaves in fall, these jeans are the most casual of the three classics, and often used by fashion designers to create more unique styles.

A factor that you must consider when purchasing your jeans is whether or not comfort is extremely important to you, or can you sacrifice a little comfort for more style?  This is because you cannot have both. If for example the jeans are for lounging around the house you may opt for more comfort, however, if the trousers are for use at a workplace that requires semi-formal attire, you should opt in favour of style. So what consitutes style when it comes to jeans? The fashion industry is cyclical meaning a certain trend will be popular for a few years, until it is replaced by the opposing trend for another few years, only to be then replaced yet again by the original trend. "Flare" refers to the width of the bottom-most portion of the leg on the pants. The bottom will taper out slightly resembling a bell (hence the origin of the term "bell-bottom") in  styles known as "boot cut", "skinny jeans" and "straight cut" styles there is a lack of this tapering. 

Regardless of whether you choose to wear flared or non flared jeans you must ensure that you select a pair that will give you a proper fit. Key areas such as legs, crotch, and waist should not be excessively tight and restrictive. The rear of the pants should nicely package your backside. When making your purchase keep in mind that after the first few washes the jeans will shrink slightly even if it says "pre-shrunk". on the  label. The best way to test fit is to bring with you to the store everything that you plan to carry with you when wearing your new jeans. Is the potential candidate able to accommodate your wallet? Car keys? Cell phone? These are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself. Also bring with you the belt that you wear most often because often times the loop holes in designer jeans can be too large or too small to ensure a good fit, so it is important to test this out beforehand. And finally, when shopping make sure to wear the shoes that you plan to wear with your new jeans and check out the pants in the mirror to see if you like how the pants fall over top of the shoes.

There are a large variety of cuts for jeans, but here are a few of the most popular:

A more rebellious old school style with a tighter fitting thigh and slightly flared bottom to allow for the wearing of boots.

Straight Cut
Always in style, these can be worn for semi-formal and casual occasions alike.

Slim/Skinny/Drain Pipe
Similar to the straight cut, but exceptionally narrow to provide a very trendy silhouette of the leg. Often the denim in these jeans is mixed with Lycra to give it a more stretchable property which helps the jeans mould to the contours of the wearer's leg.

Relaxed Fit
They are the widest of all the cuts, and in all parts of the world except North America they are exclusively worn by elderly men. President Obama was on one occasion ridiculed for donning a pair of these as the media dubbed it his "mom jeans". It is best to steer clear of this cut unless you are over the age of sixty and require the extra leg room.

Low Rise
Usually combined with another style such as "Low Rise Boot Cut" or "Low Rise Straight Cut" this term simply denotes that the hips are positioned lower on the trousers.

In terms of durability of the fabric opt for jeans that have rivets in strategic locations to reinforce the garment. Invented by the German-American, Levis Strauss these are metal pieces applied to points of strain to prevent tearing of the trousers.

Caring For Your Jeans
There are only a handful of simple instructons that need to be followed in order to ensure that your jeans will be maintained in that crisp and fashionable state even after multiple wears. The very first time that you wash your jeans make sure to wash them inside out and alone as there might be some dye transfer to other garments, and in order to minimize this transfer for the first washing you can add a cup of vinegar to help with dye retention. For all subsequent washes the jeans should be washed inside out with like colours. Never dry your jeans in the dryer as this will ruin the structure of the garment, rather the best way to dry is by hanging the jeans outside on a clothes line or over your bathtub.

Things To Avoid
There are a few things that if avoided like the plague will ensure that your style sense will not be penalized by  a visit from the fashion police. Factory manufactured distressing and holes like in the picture below are unsightly, rather let normal wear and tear create a more natural look.

Pay attention to how the jeans hug your backside unless you want to look like the character pictured below.

Steer clear of bad washes like the one worn by the person in the picture below.

Avoid high waisted "Mom Jeans" at all cost.

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Thank you for this post!!! I am so tired of seeing man wearing ill-fitting jeans. Educations on fit and style are crucial to the well dressed man!

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