Military Fashion, The Flight Boot

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During the cold winter months snow and slush can cause devastation to your regular footwear so a more stylish alternative is to wear boots. Flight boots were popularized by aviators of the Second World War because they served to keep the pilot’s feet warm,  and provided  much needed ankle support. A typical flightboot rises to at least mid-calf, is devoid of laces and is constructed of high quality leather. Wearing flightboots will serve to keep your feet warm and dry during the winter months, and is sure to turn heads in the process.

Boots such as the one depicted above were popular with fighter pilots of World War II, and in addition to keeping the feet warm they also served as a unique storage location for a tucked away revolver pistol that could be quickly drawn if the pilot was shot down over hostile territory.
The boot shown above is an example of what was popular amongst bomber pilots of World War II ,because the inner wool lining provided extra warmth during high altitude flights.

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