Why You Always Strike Out

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So you are suited and booted and feel that you are finally confident enough to approach her, but the second that you open your mouth you get that sinking feeling because you know that you can kiss those digits good bye.......what did I do wrong you ask?

Don’t make these first conversation mistakes:

Talking About Exes

This should be a no brainer. Just don’t do it. This new person is not your therapist so don’t download your sentimental feelings on her. Your first conversation should be light and airy. You are supposed to be mysterious, not giving her your life history and handing her over your emotional baggage.

Talking About Money

Psychological studies have determined that all women (even if they deny it) are in fact impressed by a man’s financial stability, and his ability to generate income, however, this does not give you a license to brag about it. It is extremely low class to make a blunder like this, and you will not be forgiven....unless of course she is a gold digger....in which case you will soon be parting with your money and won’t be able to talk about it anymore.

Excessively Flirtatious

Be yourself. Be genuine and grounded so this means don’t go overboard with the flirtatious behaviour unless you want to come across as a perverted loser. Flattery will not get you nearly as far as you could go by being natural. Maintain eye contact and guide the conversation in a responsible manner. Remember you are just having fun and meeting a new person! You can’t have the “Oh my God you are my soulmate please marry me!!!!” attitude.

Overstaying The Welcome

You introduced yourself, now run along Fido. Don’t just stand around wagging your tail. Save something for the next time you meet her. The longer you stay, the longer you will talk, and the more likely you will say something stupid because now you are relying entirely on your limbic system and being emotional. Save something for your second conversation.

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