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No piece of garment is as manly as a necktie. The modern necktie draws it roots from the military (1618) when Croatian mercenaries fighting for the French would wrap a small knotted cloth around their necks to protect their body from the gap in armour between the helmet and the chest armour. The Croats or "Hrvati" as they called themselves were referred to as "Croates" by the French and this lead to the birth of the French word "Cravat", or tie in English. It is essential for every man to learn how to properly tie this important article of clothing. There are many ways to accomplish this task, however, the most aristocratic knot is the Double Windsor tie knot, and the illustration above teaches you how to acomplish this. Thicker knots are considered classy and should be reserved for suits, a more slender knot is desirable when pairing a tie with casual clothing. Another important thing that distinguishes a superior knot is the appearance of a dimple underneath the knot. The picture of the red tie is an example of a perfect dimple.

When choosing a necktie to go with your outfit remember the following guidelines. Solid colours such as red, blue, gold, etc. are considered "Power Ties" and should be used for important business meetings, and interviews. Choose a tie with a slight sheen to it, too shiny or too dull does not add character to your outfit. Avoid fancy graphics or sports team logos...nobody will take you seriously. If pairing a tie with a suit, remember that the lapels of the suit are the frame of the picture, the shirt is the canvas, and the tie is considered the painting. Your tie has to be the most vibrant part of your suit. Pastel colours are best for warm weather, and dark colours are prefered in the winter months.

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