Choosing Your Signature Scent

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While not for everybody having a signature scent can take your style to the next dimension. If you want to try your hand at having your own signature scent the first step in this quest would be to determine what type of skin you have. There are five basic skin types, and they are listed below with guidelines for each.

Normal Skin
You are one of the lucky few who can choose any cologne to suit your personality.

Combination Skin
Same as normal skin, but gravitate more towards spice and wood scents.

Oily Skin
Those of you who have oily skin will notice that your body’s own oils will serve to magnify the essential oils found in cologne, and that is why it is a good idea to choose a scent that is citrus-based so as to find equilibrium between your own oils and those of the cologne.  Avoid overpowering fragrances that can interact with your body’s chemistry and create foul odours, rather opt for a lighter summer scent.

Dry Skin
Gentlemen that have dry or extremely sensitive skin will notice that their skin does not hold on to colognes as long as those individuals that have oily skin, and that is why it is recommended to chose scents that are slightly stronger and have underlying notes of musk. These stronger formulas are designed to adhere to dry skin and will give you greater presence. Choose winter type colognes.

Sensitive Skin
Allergic reactions can occur if colognes are used in excessive quantities, so follow the same guidelines as dry skin, but read the ingredients for chemicals to which you may be sensitive.

General Guidelines
Bring a woman with you to help you choose your scent as they can help you select a scent that is of greater sex appeal. Another piece of advice is to not allow the clerk to spray anything on you as this will affect your sense of smell, rather spray the cologne on the scent card, and then rub it on your wrists so that it can interact with your skin. After testing a few samples your nose will not be able to detect subtleties in smells, and it is at this point that you have to ask the store clerk for some coffee beans. After smelling the coffee beans (which serve to neutralize your nose) return to smelling the colognes.
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