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In 1942 the Fontana workshop was set to release a set of professional timepieces for elite submarine officers of the Italian Navy (also known as U-boat Officers). The project was ultimately scrapped, however, the distinctive drawings, colour samples, and original materials were carefully preserved for over six decades. In 2000 Italo Fontana a cousin of the workshop's founder launched the modern U-Boat brand.
Each of the U-Boat timepieces is powered by Swiss ETA movements, and are housed in full-bodied, oversized stainless steel cases ranging in size from 45 to 55 millimeters in diameter.
All of U-Boat's timepieces are designed and assembled in Italy of the finest components and are sure to bring flare to any wardrobe. Each watch in the collection is designed and created with 18th-century craftsmanship methods, and every step and detail is completed by hand. Your U-Boat watch will prove to be an eye-catching investment.

To learn more about U-Boat and purchase this amazing watch visit the Metropolitan


Saimese said...

I was just on the website & absolutely love the creations. I didn't even know U-Boat existed, but now I don't want to ruin the experience by even asking how much one of those watches would cost

Alpha Male said...

Thank you for your comment. U-Boat does infact make beautiful timepieces, and all of their products are handmade in Italy and that is why you can expect to pay approximately $3000 to purchase one of their watches.

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