Choosing A Barber

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Having great hair is critical for leaving a positive impression on the people that you meet. When talking to your potential barber for the first time, think of it as a date because you need some talk before the actual body contact. If your barber is a good listener and seems to grasp what it is you are saying, there is a higher probability that you will walk away satisfied.  Choose a barber with a large clientele, as this directly co-relates with customer satisfaction.

Although a small minority may disagree, women make far better barbers than men because generally they pay more attention to detail, and will provide you a more honest opinion on what hairstyles will make you look most attractive—generally speaking you will receive far more compliments about your hair if it is cut by a woman (especially if you build rapport with her, as this will encourage her to perform a better job). If you are lucky enough to find a good female barber she may throw in a few extras every time you get your haircut.....such as a free hot lather shave, amongst other  enjoyable things....  A  truly dedicated barber will  give you her mobile number so that you can contact her if you need an emergency haircut before a big appointment. Another helpful tip is to take a look around at the products that are stocked on the shelves of the barbershop, expensive hair gels don’t always imply that you are going to get a great haircut, but you should be wary if the majority of the products are of cheap quality. And the golden rule of choosing a good barber is to find one who will use scissors because this will add greater depth to your hairstyle that can't be achieved with  hair clippers. Exceptional  barbers will also be extremely skilled at using a razor for cutting your hair to create those more unique styles.
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Adnan said...

Hi Alpha Male,

it's funny that you mention female barbers, I think the more appropriate term would be "hairstylist". I once did have a chance encounter with an attractive hairstylist. It can be quite a good time especially when you meet a pleasant female who knows how to keep a good conversation going. I personally like the fact the physical contact boundary is crossed, very casually. I don't go to female hairstylists anymore, I stick to the barbershop nowadays for that fade.

Alpha Male said...

Hello Adnan, thank you for your comment. Yes, most people now prefer to use the term "hairstylist" for both men and women that are employed at a location that cuts the hair of both genders, however, a traditional barbershop will only hire men, and these workers are called "barber". This word is derived from the Latin root word "barba" which means "beard". Just as an aside do you know why the barbershop pole is red, white, and blue? The red symbolizes bloodletting because during the medieval times barbers would perform simple surgeries and dental work in addition to cutting hair. The white symbolizes the clean bandages used at the location. Today the barber pole is used for stylistic reasons in North America, and in parts of Asia it signifies a brothel. To get back to the subject of your post yes if you can find a pleasant female that can keep an entertaining conversation it certainly does cause for a more engaging affair. If you have found a good barber it doesn't really matter the gender, but it is just my personal experience that females are more attentive to the needs of the customer...

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