Basic Guidelines For Socks

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Many men are guilty of wearing the wrong socks and inadvertently ruining what would otherwise be a reasonable ensemble. Check out the following guidelines that will help you wear the right socks with the right outfit.

White Socks

Only for sports and the gym. End of story.

Dress Shoes

If you are wearing dress shoes you have to wear dress socks....many men sabotage their entire outfit by pairing white sport socks with dress shoes. Dress socks are made of a lighter cotton than athletic socks and will look much better with your expensive shoes (they will also make it easier to slip your feet in and out of your shoes because they won’t bunch up like athletic socks).

Matching The Socks

Many men wrongly match their socks with their shoes, but they should really be matching their socks with their pants. This allows for continuity if you have to take off your shoes, because then your socks will still look great with your pants.

Replenish Your Socks

You need to be purchasing new socks at least every six months (at the minimum) to be able to rotate out the old ones with the holes. Nothing says cheap-ass more than a man walking around with holes in his socks....

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