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Cologne or Eau de Cologne is a type of perfume originating from Cologne, Germany and is characterized by having a concentration of 2-5% essential oils. The use of cologne is an important part of grooming, however, sadly most men don’t use it, and many of those who do end up taking a shower in it. You can have a trademark scent, but it’s better to have a few for different occasions in much the same manner that you have a number of shoes on standby in your do have that, right? This article is an introduction about the basics of colognes.

Where Can I Wear Cologne?

Generally speaking you can wear cologne everywhere, although it is advisable to not wear it when visiting a hospital because they may have a “Scent Free Environment” policy in effect. During the daylight hours choose an airy citrus type of scent, but for afterhours entertainment choose a stronger scent with some spicy or woody undertones to add some mystery to your character. Some men prefer to choose a more musk smell that will mix with the pheromones that are naturally emitted by their body.

How Do I Apply Cologne?

Where you spray your cologne is very important. Those in the know like to apply it behind the ears so that when a woman leans in closer to talk she will be able to detect your scent. Other good locations are a slight misting of the chest or at the wrists. You may also choose to put one spray on your pecker, because you never know where the night will take you...

How Much Cologne Should I Wear?

Your cologne should be like a secret that you only share with a few people, those that enter your close personal space. People should not be able to smell you long before you arrive. If their is a slight hint of your scent after you depart, that is okay. A sparse application is best because with the progression of the day it will mix with your body’s natural pheromones and intensify the aroma. The smell will also increase with physical activity such as running or sexual intercourse.

The Basic Cologne Scents


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Saimese said...

Everything made sense till I read "spray on your pecker." The female would be able to taste it then, which might not be the best situation for her or for you because she now knows that you spray a bit much, right?

Alpha Male said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes, the female would be able to taste it if applied in high concentrations. However, if applied sparingly after taking a shower it can form an integral component of good genital hygiene. Application should never be on the penis itself because of the sensitive pores, but rather on the well groomed pubic hairs. This is a matter of sexual preference that should be discussed with your partner, the main point is to keep it clean!

Anonymous said...

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