Married Men Considered Sexier

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Our perception of others is influenced by those with whom we associate. Psychological studies have found however that certain views about attractiveness are standard across cultures, regardless of who our friends are. For example men across the world prefer women with a certain waist-to-hip ratio, and women are more sexually attracted to certain masculine facial features only while on their period.

In one psychological study of attractiveness a group of women were presented with random pictures of men, and asked to rate these men on how sexually attractive they were. The photographs of the most attractive men (as selected by the group of women) were then showed to a second group of women, however, inserted into each of these pictures was the picture of another woman who was gazing at the image of the man. Some of the pictures had a woman smiling while gazing at the man, and others had a picture of a woman with a neutral expression when gazing at the man. In almost every case the male subject was rated to be more sexually attractive if paired with a smiling woman.

In another famous study photographs of men were shown to women to be rated for attractiveness but some of the pictures had the word “Married” beside the photograph, and others omitted that word. In every case the “Married” male was rated to be more attractive. In the final study that we shall examine, pictures of men were shown to a group of women, and some of the photographs were juxtaposed beside women of high attractiveness, and others beside women who were considered “plain”, and in each and every case the male who supposedly had an attractive girlfriend was considered to be more sexually desirable.

So the question is why are attached men considered to be more attractive and sexually appealing than those who are single? Leading psychologists suggest that from an evolutionary standpoint the man who already has a mate is considered to be more desirable because women associate him with being genetically fit, as in “Well she thinks he has something special, so he must have something special” mentality. This explains the trend where many young college age men prefer to choose their facebook display picture as one where they are surrounded by many the hopes of drawing more attention to themselves. Studies have found that subconsciously this does have an effect on many women, however, it has a negative effect on women if they post pictures of themselves surrounded by many men (this is because potential suitors see this as too much competition). Evolutionary psychology seems to indicate that when selecting a mate, women gravitate towards men that are in high demand because they are more choosy in selecting a high quality mate....conversely men are often less choosy and prefer to search out mates who offer less time consuming competition.

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