Military Fashion, The Pea Coat

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The pea coat has a rich history of badass. Taking its original roots from use as a protective garment worn by the legendary Arab horsemen of the Muslim armies, it was later popularized by European navies because of its unique protective features. Made of heavy high quality wool it is identified by the double-breasted front, slash pockets, and large, bold in your face buttons. The lapels are always broad, with a large collar. If there was ever a collar that was made to be popped, this is it gentlemen! Unlike the Gino lack lustre polos, popping the collar on one of these bad boys will protect you from the elements such as rain, wind and heavy snow. A good quality pea coat is made of durable wool which is water-repellent and designed to protect you in the high seas. The modern name pea coat originates from the fact that the Dutch navy had manufactured their coats for naval officers out of a heavy duty fabric called a “P-cloth” (pijjekker in Dutch). They make this style staple for all budgets from $100 coats at H&M to $5000 pieces of art by Tom Ford, so if you want to bring presence to your outfit, rock the classic pea coat this winter.

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