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Ask any woman and she will tell you that the first article of clothing that she notices on you is your shoes. So how do you select a good pair of shoes? Consider the following four factors when purchasing your next pair: Style, Durability, Good Fit and Comfort.

Ensuring Good Fit and Comfort

Rather than shopping in the morning opt to shop for shoes later in the day because this is when your feet are at their largest state, and knowing this fact will allow you to select footwear that will have a more comfortable fit. Remember to bring your own pair of socks with you (preferably the pair that you wish to wear with the shoes) because although the store will have disposable socks handy they are usually made of a sheer material similar to pantyhose and this will make it difficult to judge if the shoes in question fit properly. After lacing or buckling up the prospective candidate make sure to walk around the store for a sufficient amount of time to detect for any discomfort or pinching at the heels or toe cap area as this will prove to be a large problem in the future. It is the job of the salesperson to sell you shoes so do not listen to them if they rush you and tell you that the shoes will “Stretch” with time, but rather take your time to determine for yourself if you feel that they will stretch a sufficient amount to accommodate your feet.

Now we shall take a closer look at what constitutes a well made pair of shoes.

Upper Part of the Shoe

Shoes are similar to a protective cocoon that will encapsulate your feet so it is important to give your feet some breathing room in order to minimize smells, and that is why it is recommended that you choose shoes that have upper parts made of high quality leathers or synthetic fabrics to ensure this. If the upper portion is soft and relatively malleable it will allow for flexibility when walking, and this is a good quality.

The Lining of the Shoe

Limited amounts of detectible seams and a smooth finish to the lining indicates a well made shoe, and should ensure comfort. Place your hand inside the shoe and feel the lining throughout the footwear and this should help you to gauge the quality of the construction of the shoe.

Heel of the Shoe

A well balanced heel will ensure that you can take comfortable strides with the shoe, and this will assist you in maintaining proper body posture. The heel of the shoe should be at least half an inch thick to prevent over stressing the Achilles tendon.

The Sole of the Shoe

The most comfortable shoes tend to be those with slight curvature towards the outsole as this assists in walking. Flat soles are most ideal and this is why leather soles tend to be more expensive than their rubber counterparts.

A Word about Style

It is best to take a female friend with you when shopping for shoes, or if you don’t have any, ask the sales girl for advice when it comes to this department. The fashion cycle dictates that what is hip today, may become obsolete next season. In future articles we shall take a look at some classic designs that will never go out of fashion.

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