Dress It Up With These Dress Shoes

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So you are at the shoe store shopping for a good pair of dress shoes, but are totally clueless by the selection. What shoe is best suited for your particular event? Well let’s have a look at some of the classic dress shoe designs offered for men. 
Oxford style shoes hails from England and are characterized by a lower instep, and non rubber insole. The shoe is designed to be plain and simple so that it can exude a classy character. Traditionally the Oxford would come in a few simple colours such as black, brown, oxblood, burgundy, and chestnut. A good pair of well-made black oxfords are perfect for the office, and a spicier colour like oxblood is well suited for a more chic affair. If however you are attending an extraordinarily elegant party a highly polished black pair of oxfords with a sleek toe will give you that distinguished look.

Cap Toe
The cap toe is essentially a more dressed up oxford because the toe cap will have some sort of embellishment, usually a sort of decorated band outlining the toe box. This type of shoe pairs well with a suit, but looks equally good if wearing just a shirt and tie.

Low heeled, and made of durable leather these shoes take their origin from Ireland and Scotland. They take their name from the “W” shape formed on the toe box. They are a bit more flashy than the oxford or cap toe so should only be worn by those with the courage to pull it off. The wingtip looks best when worn with a pinstripe suit.

The derby resembles an oxford but is slightly more casual. The tongue of the shoe is made with the same piece of leather as the cap and is not stitched at the bottom. The derby is a very utilitarian shoe in that a slightly dressy version goes well with a suit and tie, but shoes made of a slightly subdued leather can be stylishly paired with a pair of jeans.

A personal favourite these shoes were popularized during the early part of the 20th century and are very adaptable because they can be either dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The identifiable feature of the loafer is its lack of laces; however, a penny loafer will have a strap across the top with or without a tassel. These sleek shoes were popularized by fashion houses such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton who have been manufacturing loafers for years. Because of their more relaxed nature it is best to wear it with either jeans, or shirt and tie, and it is prefered not to wear with a suit unless the toe cap is of a sleek design.

Monk Strap
Lacking laces these are similar to loafers except that they have a buckled strap over top. These shoes are sure to give your suit that extra bit of character.

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