Layer With Sweaters This Winter

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During the cold winter months layering your clothes will allow for a trendier look that will also serve to keep you nice and toasty. The sweater is ideal for creating this look, but do you know about the different types of necklines found on this ever popular winter staple?


The neckline on these sweaters is in a “V” shape, hence the name. This type of neckline is a style classic, because of its adaptability. It can easily be worn underneath a blazer or suit jacket for a semi-formal event, but should be avoided for formal events. When paired with jeans or slim fitting track pants you will create a trendy casual look.


The crewneck is the most commonly sold sweater in North America and can be easily identified by the tight fitting rounded neckline, and it can be paired with a slim blazer for semi-formal events. Depending on the material, this type of sweater can be used for various occasions, and if constructed of lightweight cotton it can even be taken to the gym to keep you warm when the weather gets a bit too frosty.


The boatneck is an exceptionally trendy collar and requires more bravado to pull off because of the flashy boat like collar. This type of sweater should be reserved for fashionable occasions.


The turtle neck sweater is the most casual sweater on the list and is characterized by the tall, tubular collar which accentuates the neck of the wearer. While sometimes worn with a business jacket, it is not recommended to wear to business meetings, unless the dress code at your place of work is relatively lax. This type of sweater can be paired with jeans to create a nice effect.

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