Choosing Stylish Sneakers

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When first conceived sneakers were designed for the gym, athletes, and children under the age of ten, however, today many people from all walks of life can be seen donning these comfortable shoes. So how does one select a stylish pair that is more suited to the streets as opposed to the courts? Let us take a look at some basic guidelines that are sure to put a spring in your step.

Certain shoes such as the Nike Shocks pictured above were clearly designed for athletic use only and are only suited as such because use on the streets will only make you appear to be extremely fashion inept. So   stay clear of any sneaker with tacky colours, obscene amounts of plastic, or gimmicks such as the pump on "Reebok Pumps". As a general rule the trendy person would never pair cross trainers or basketball shoes with their street clothes, however, the Converse "Chuck Taylor" pictured below is an exemption as it pairs nicely with a pair of skinny jeans. So unless you are planning to be extremely physically active, leave the athletic shoes in the locker room.

Opt for classic designs, i.e. anything low-cut and simplistic. When it comes to pairing sneakers with jeans the understated shoes are much more attractive to something ostentatious such as a pair of Air Force Ones.

The "Run DMC" model by Adidas pictured above is a perfect example of a pair of shoes that fits all of the mentioned criteria. Also steer clear of hybrid shoes such as the one from Aldo Shoes pictured below. You aren't fooling anybody with shoes like that, they are neither sneakers, nor dress shoes. They are extremely chunky and unfashionable....sort of like wearing a pair of leather clogs on your feet!

One thing that most people often overlook is the socks that they wear. Nothing ruins a nice pair of shoes like white sport socks. Sport socks should be relegated to gym use only, rather opt for ankle socks such as the ones pictured below. It will lead to a much cleaner look.

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