Her Five Best Friends

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So you’ve been stalking that new flame on facebook incessantly.....shame on you! Anyway, so you are trying to find out about her friends circle but need some help. Well here is a list of the five friends that every woman has.

The  University Party Girl

This is the friend that your girl (can we even call her that at this stage?) turns to when she needs to have a carefree afternoon. This friend will show your girl such an amazing time that she might even forget most of the details the next morning.

The Best Friend, But Secretly She Hates Her

This is the friend that on the surface is a bestfriend, but secretly your girl hates her guts behind her back. Everything that this particular “friend” does is like a kick in the pants for your girl. Of course she will never admit this, they are best friends afterall. This particular friend is often the target of gossip to help your girl get over her own short comings.

The Single Friend

Usually slightly overweight this is the friend that is desperately single since Jean Chrétien was in office way back when.... The victim of countless blind dates, your girl turns to this poor soul for moral support when she is feeling down.

The Guy Friend

Every woman has a guy friend, and it is not wise to try to break up this bond because your girl has been turning to him for uncovering the mysteries of what it is to be a man for as long as she can remember. Any attempts to destroy him will not be forgiven and will only serve to anger him into making you appear as the most insensitive douche on this planet.

The Best Friend

This is the childhood friend your girl has known since she was a youngin, you can’t ever separate these two, they stick together like superglue. They provide each other with companionship and asides from the girl’s mother she is the single most important female your girl will ever know. This bestfriend should not be crossed because upsetting her can end your potential faster than you can say “crap”.

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